As with many businesses, the drive to start August Villa came from a problem I encountered time and time again as a shoe lover: I was always forced to choose between vegan shoes…or ethical shoes…or sustainable shoes. Having to choose between your values can get pretty frustrating!

If how we dress tells the world who we are, here’s what I want the world to know: I consider animals as equals, I’m forever impressed by the refined system that is nature, I’m a compassionate human, and let’s be honest…I like to be well dressed.


We’re not perfect – and no one expects us to be! We try to be the best version of ourselves with the tools we have and we challenge ourselves to constantly improve.

I will be honest, when I started working on August Villa I wanted my shoes to be perfect: 100% biodegradable, working with women earning a decent salary and working in decent conditions, giving back…you get it! It was unreasonable to think I could do it all from the start while being backed only by my dreams and small savings! Don’t get discourage by the size of the task that responsable consumption seems to represent. Start small and add to it one thing at a time.